Top Ten Tuesday #7

Top Ten Tuesday #7

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created & hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is:

Top Ten Books…FREEBIE Topic!

So the topic this week says: “Make a top ten list about anything book related that you want. That super specific topic you thought would make a great top ten list or that past topic you wished you would have gotten a chance to participate it? This is the week to do it!”

Neat! So, I guess my topic is:

Top Ten BOOKISH GOALS in 2012

  1. Read More, Period. – Since my difficult pregnancy at the end of 2010 and through the first half of 2011 (My son was born on June 7!), then the subsequent recovery from that pregnancy and entirely-too-stressful house hunt (ongoing!) combined with actually trying not to fail as a mother…reading has gotten pushed to the far far back burner.  I hope to change that; I miss reading.
  2. If I buy it, I read it. – Yeah, so, I know a lot of us have this issue, but I think I may actually be the world’s worst.  I buy a book that looks good and then it goes into my TBR pile and…disappears.  This year, I’m vowing to read every book I bring into the house instead of letting it collect dust on my shelves.
  3. Add to my son’s book collection. – I have a had time committing to buying books for the Geekling.  I read to him often from the books he does have, but the cheese-factor in a lot of young children’s books is just way too high.  I guess I need to get over that and buy anyway.
  4. ReRead some of my childhood favorites. – The Black Stallion, Flowers for Algernon, Little House on the Prairie; I never get tired of reading these!
  5. Library first, then bookstore. – This kind of relates to goal #2 up there, but it’s really a separate issue.  I tend to forget to check to see if my local library has a book, mainly because their selection is kind of lacking.  That’s no excuse, though, and I should make it a habit to check there -before- I push the buy button.
  6. Shop Local! – Instead of buying through or, I’m going to do what I can to shop at our local used book store.  Of course, this is going to depend solely on whether or not I think the local store’s price is a complete rip-off or not.  They do tend to price books about 75% higher than anywhere else, and I think that’s a bit much.
  7. Review at least half of what I read. – I read a lot last year and barely reviewed anything.  I don’t have a ton of time to devote to the blog, but I should definitely make it part of my weekend, when the Hubby is home to take over with the Geekling, to write up as many reviews as I can cram into an hour.  Of course, I’ll need to make sure the quality is good, too.
  8. Expand my bookish network. – I need to stop living under a rock and start talking with people.  If I ever want to work in the industry (you know, one day when I finally have my degree…), then I need to possibly make some friends and contacts.  It can’t hurt, right?
  9. Catch up on my pile of To Be Reviewed books. – See #7 above… I have a HUGE stack of books that need to be reviewed.  Time to get started!
  10. Convince my husband to read & review books for the blog. – Because he’s awesome, and I value his opinions, and I think he’d be a fantastic contributor.  (You reading this, Mr. Lit Obsession?)


This is a great take on this weeks lists!

I have the same problem (don’t we all?) of buying a book, then letting it collect dust. I also forget to shop local sometimes, since I tend to *need* a book on release day and our local stores don’t ever have them in on time – or sell out before I get there…

Come see my Top Ten / Teaser Tuesday!

Great goals! I need to read the books that are in my tbr pile too. I buy so many books & never read them all. So sad.

Good luck with your goals.

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