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The Descent by Jeff Long

Title: The Descent Author: Jeff Long Genre: Science Fiction…or Thriller… Publisher: Jove Publication Date: October 31, 2001Month xx, xxxx Paperback: 592 pages Where’d I Get It: Purchased by Hubby, for Hubby! Synopsis (From Goodreads): Hell exists. In Tibet, while guiding trekkers to a holy mountain, Ike Crockett discovers a bottomless cave. When his lover disappears, […]

I’m back…for reals this time!

Well, hello there!  I have again been absent, if I ever really returned the first time, and I do deeply apologize for this.  As a good many of you know, my husband and I are expecting our first child in July of this year, and the process has been…trying.  Without getting too personal, we did […]