2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge

We, and by we I mean the Geekling and myself, are going to be participating in the 2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge this year.  This challenge is hosted by There’s A Book and seems like a really fun way to keep me motivated to read consistently to our little one.  It’s so easy to just say, “I’ll read him something tomorrow…” and I typically end up not reading to him as often as I should.

There’s quite a few levels to this challenge.  After poking through and going back and forth with myself, I decided to be realistic rather than lofty; we’ll be attempting the “Watering” level, which sets a goal of 36 books to be read to a child in 2012.

I think that’s doable for us. Also, it gives me an excuse to buy him more books…right?


I’ll be posting reviews of the books as we read them, though to be honest I’m not even sure HOW to review a children’s book at this point.  It’ll be a learning process – and I’m going to start right now by popping over to some other blogs and reading their reviews.  Hopefully this will also help me compile a list of books to read, because I don’t think we own 36 picture books yet…I mean, he is only 7 months old!




  1. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
  2. Curious George Pat-A-Cake by H.A. Rey



  1. “My Mom’s got alien blobs inside of her. They’re called cancer.” Punk Wig is a children’s picture book with a story of a little boy who supports his mom as she gets her “alien blobs zapped with medicine”.