Borrowed Beauties #4

On the 12th, I decided enough was enough.  I’d been stuck in the house for TOO LONG and I needed to get out – even if I had to drag the Geekling down a flight of stairs and around the massive apartment building and across the street to where my car sat, forlorn and alone, […]

Borrowed Beauties #3

I went to the library today to pick up one book. I came home with six.   Ahh…addiction! The titles I brought home with me today are: Conception – Kalisha Buckhanon Skin Hunger – Kathleen Duey Other – Karen Kincy The Sacred Blood – Michael Byrnes The Forgotten Garden – Kate Morton & Big Girl – […]

I’m beginning to -really- love the library.

I’ve developed this obsession (go figure) with library books.  Before two weeks ago, it had been -years- since I was a regular patron at a local library.  There wasn’t a reason, really, other than I simply did not have time to read all that much. Oh, and my city (Gulfport, MS…boy do I miss it!) […]

Oh, Library, how I love thee…sort of.

I went to the library today after class to pick up Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston, because my nifty hold request thing emailed me and said “Hey, Ree! The book you requested is here, come pick it up!” Of course while I was there, I decided to use the computers there to check for a […]