Christopher Pike Update: Spooksville, Witch World, Thirst V

Just a little update brought to you via the Christopher Pike Facebook Fan Page of AWESOMENESS.

Christopher Pike’s Thirst No. 5

…and Sita’s story continues. OH my.gosh. This is me squealing like a squealy little girl. Really, yes, I am that excited. I have loved this series since it first began and it thrills me beyond rationality that it has been picked back up and continues in as thrilling a way as it was initially. I […]

Ramble & The Twelve

In which I ramble on about “The Twelve” (insert happy squeal here) and agree vehemently with Trish at Hey Lady! Watcha Readin’? about mind-numbing baby games.

Espresso…Mmm – The Espresso Book Machine

But not the steamy hot kind that comes from your favorite coffee shop. I’m talking about the Espresso Book Machine.  It’s all over the Twittersphere today that HarperCollins publishing house has signed up to allow 5,000+ of their titles to be offered through the lovely device. They’re calling it their “Comprehensive Backlist” program and what […]

Lauren DeStefano’s Fever Swag Giveaway

Hey, readers! The fabulous Lauren DeStefano, author of Wither, is having a giveaway.  What’s she giving, you ask? 12 signed, HUGGED, book jackets from Fever.  She’ll also be copying a sentence from the book onto the jacket, just for you! Or me, if I win, which would be -awesome-! I absolutely loved Wither {read my […]

Baby Literary Obsession Has Arrived

Baby Literary Obsession has made his appearance!

I’m not gone, I promise.

As a good many of you know, I’ve been having some serious medical issues with a high risk pregnancy.  These issues have caused me to be absent a good portion of the time, sometimes for quite a few weeks on end. I’m -still- having issues. That said, I haven’t disappeared again, I promise!  I’m still […]

Book Store Spree in Mississippi…

So as I said, I managed to get to The Ridiculous Bookstore and snag a few books.  Their 5 for $1 section wasn’t as full and lovely as I remember it being, so I avoided that section and went back to “Children’s”. My new additions are: Hit and Run by Lurlene McDaniel  Synopsis: It was […]