Children of the Night by Dan Simmons

Children of the Night by Dan SimmonsTitleChildren of the Night
Author:  Dan Simmons
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date:  June 2003
Mass Market Paperback: 464 pages

Set in post-Ceausescu Romania, this unique take on vampirism was most definitely a yummy read. I have an avid interest in genetics and an even more avid interest in Vampires (notice I capitalize the word, ’cause they’re that important!)…unless they sparkle/dazzle. Then I don’t love them so much. What I enjoyed most about the book, aside from the obvious – the Vampires – was that it seems Simmons actually did some research. This is the first book by him that I’ve read, so I’m not certain if he’s this thorough in all of his writing, but I was pleased that he didn’t just throw a bunch of tripe together and call it good.  A scientific explanation, and a believable one at that, for vampirism? Awesome! The characters were incredibly strong, well thought out, and admirable. You can relate to them as people, and I always love a book that allows me to like a character, even if I don’t -like- the character.  That said, though, I feel the ending was just a bit weak.  Not weak in a way that left me groaning and rolling my eyes, but certainly not as powerful as the rest of the book.  That did not detract from my enjoyment of the novel, however.   At any rate…There’s orphans, scientists, explosions, love, despair, hope and just a thoroughly engaging plot.  Definitely a must read.

8 of 10


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