Love Triangles in Young Adult Novels

I just finished a book the other day (Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace) that had the most hideous and poorly written love triangle since Twilight. Or, well, did it? Once I finished reading, I started thinking more about it. Really, I loathe love triangles. I don’t even like calling them “love” triangles, because they’re […]

Promise by Kristie Cook

This review may lean slightly toward the side of spoiler-ish, so stop reading now if you want. Then again, if you’ve even half a clue what went on in Twilight, you’ll have no surprises in Promise.

Why I Don’t Like Twilight.

Hello, darlings. =) Since introducing my Bellaesque rating system, I’ve begun receiving quite a few e-Mails informing me just how horrible and delusional and just plain weird I am for hoping against hope that the female protagonists that I’m reading about are as opposite of Bella Swan as they can possibly be. A few of […]