Oh, Christopher Pike, how I love thee…

Oh, Christopher Pike, how I love thee…

One of my favorite authors as a young one was Christopher Pike.  Every birthday, each Christmas, I’d beg for his books.  My grandmother, indulgent lady that she was, would deliver each and every time.  Some of my favorites were The Tachyon Web, Remember Me, The Immortal, & The Starlight Crystal. My absolute, 100%, favorite of favorites, though, was The Last Vampire series. I very literally cried at the end of book 6, the end of the series, the end of Sita…I desperately wanted that to not be the end.

Of course, time went on and the books faded from front and center, but still and all I’ve read them a few times over the years. Then hurricane Katrina consumed my copies of those beautifully worn books and I simply…forgot.

And then, about six months ago, in my random meanderings through that which is the internet…I stumbled upon this:

Thirst No. 3: The Eternal Dawn by Christopher Pike

Is that not the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen in your whole entire LIFE?  Ok, well, maybe it’s not that extreme…but when I saw that Sita’s story was continuing, I just about had a cow right there on the spot.  It’s been retitled “Thirst”, as he or the publishers or someone lumped books 1-3 into one and books 4-6 into another…but whatever. I’m not picky! I’ve already snagged Thirst No. 1 and Thirst No. 2 so I can re-read them and have the story fresh in my mind for Thirst No. 3’s release.

I am frantic with wanting this book. I’ve requested an ARC from the publisher, but of course I’ve heard nothing back. I’m likely too new of a blogger for them to even blink at.  But I will buy this thing the moment it comes out and I will read it that day and I will review it just as soon as I’ve recovered from the Blissful Book Coma that will fall upon me from the sheer delight of having read a continuation of this beautifully beautiful series. It supposedly comes out in October of this year, but I see no firm date yet.  Please oh PLEASE let it be early October!

Christopher Pike…I could kiss you for writing this book!

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