Christopher Pike Update: Spooksville, Witch World, Thirst V

Christopher Pike Update: Spooksville, Witch World, Thirst V

As you probably know by now, I tend to stalk peruse the Christopher Pike Facebook Fan Page fairly often. Last night, while doing said perusing, I saw this:

Quote from Facebook Fan Page by Christopher Pike

In the order in which he references things:

A)  The Spooksville series (wiki link – so you can find out what it is!) is coming to TV – how fun!  He says “end of the year” but that “that might change” and of course, that’s usually the case.  How fun for the kiddies, though, when it does air!

Book Cover of Witch World by Christopher PikeB) The Witch World cover has been posted on (but not yet and is available for pre-order.  The cover is really no surprise to hardcore Pike fans, as Kevin McFadden announced it himself quite some time ago and has had the image as his Facebook avatar since then.

C) And what I’m most excited about is: “…I’m presently buried in the new Sita book. It’s taking some interesting turns. I think this story might be the best of the lot.”  *SQUEAL* *JUMP* *FANGIRL GIGGLE* I’m a little excited. Best of the lot? BEST? How can you top what’s already been done? Really really?? Eeek! I am so excited for Thirst V!

Annnnnd back down to Earth…

I do heart me some Christopher Pike. 😉

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