Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference – BBPOC

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference – BBPOC

I was going through my feed reader, trying to catch up on the new reviews and random posts that all the bloggers I follow have published recently, when I noticed that Amanda over at Letters Inside Out had a post up about something called “BBPOC”.  I did not immediately recognize the acronym, so I had to poke at it.

Imagine my surprise and delight to discover that it’s an ONLINE conference for Book Bloggers and Publishers! How freakin’ cool is THAT mess!

Since I can’t do any traveling to big bookish events while the Geekling is young (Can you imagine me trying to control a toddler while attending BEA? Are children even allowed on the floor there? I wouldn’t be surprised if not!) this is just the kind of thing I really love to know about.

So, I’m going to attend.

Thankfully, the hubby doesn’t mind me spending the $45 registration fee – which really doesn’t seem all that steep if you think about all the knowledge you’ll gain and networking you can do.

I’m so excited!



I am so happy you are going to join us. It is a great time and toddlers are not an issue.
Any panels you miss are recorded and can be listened to later. And since this is a concentrated time online you really get to know people.
Thanks for the mention and please spread the word where you can – there are so many bloggers I can not find them all alone.
Terry Kate

It sounds very cool and I’ve never heard of it before. Where is it taking place? Too bad I just went back to work this week 🙁

They’ve got most of the stuff set up on a Ning site, and panels will be through a voice chat kind of system. The preconference Q&A was today and it seems like it’s going to be pretty thorough. I’m totally excited about it! It’s fully online – I think most of the hosts and moderators are on the west coast, though.

Call in sick to work! 😉

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