Top Ten Tuesday #11

Top Ten Tuesday #11

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created & hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is:

Top Ten Books…
I’d Play Hooky With

  1. On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta – I just reviewed this one over here. It’s seriously one of the most fantastic books I’ve ever read. I’ll probably hide in a closet and make my husband deal with all-things-baby when I read it again, just so I can read it straight through.
  2. Morning Glory by Lavyrle Spencer – Guilty pleasure. It’s a romance…and the only one I’ve ever really loved. I read this thing until it fell apart (in my teens) and then it got left behind when I moved out of my Dad’s house. Then…Hurricane Katrina ate it. Maybe I should buy a new copy.
  3. Anything by Christopher Pike – Come on, you knew this one was going to be on here. (Or, well, you did if you’re a regular reader.) If you didn’t know…well, I have a thing for Pike. I heart him. I’d hug him and bake him cookies and stal…er, you know, admire him in person…if I could. (I’m not ACTUALLY going to stalk Christopher Pike, people…calm down!) 🙂
  4. The Passage by Justin Cronin
  5. The Twelve by Justin Cronin – I WILL be hiding in a closet to read this one as soon as I possibly can. Oh yes, that will be me. Sorry, Mr. LitObsession, but you better be prepared!
  6. The Black Stallion by Walter Farley – Ah, nostalgia.
  7. Any book in The Thoroughbred Series by Joanne Campbell – Ah, nostalgia again. 🙂
  8. Anything by Mary Higgins Clark – I can’t help it, I love her mysteries!
  9. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes – This book shows up on so many of my TTTs. Really, I just love it, and I’d totally play hooky with it. I kind of do, actually, because every time I start it I have to finish it as soon as possible!
  10. The Hunger Games Trilogy – I mean, really, who wouldn’t play hooky for that? 🙂




I like that your list includes nostalgic and guilty pleasure picks! My top ten this week is all about not-yet-released titles. I was also a big fan of The Thoroughbred series and anything by Christopher Pike!

Great picks 🙂

I have only read two Mary Higgins Clark books and I really enjoyed both of them
Do you have a favourite to recommend as I’m looking forward to reading more of hers but have no idea which ones to pick.

Also, I loved On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. I love all her books. And I met her a few years ago – she’s a lovely person which makes me enjoy her books even more.

Another lover of Christopher Pike! Yay. I hardly ever hear him mentioned and I was a huge fan. I should dust off some of the books and give them a read. Did you have a favorite? I was always a big fan of the last vampire series.

Jellicoe Road. I need to read this ASAP. Seriously. I tried reading it once and the beginning kind of…baffled me. I have to try again and PERSEVERE! And The Hunger Games is the perfect hooky day book!

Ahh, the Thoroughbred series brings back serious memories! I attribute my love of reading to those books. And I’ve honestly never read Mary Higgins Clark, something I need to remedy very soon!

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