Feature & Follow Friday #5

Feature & Follow Friday #5

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The question is:

Do you read one book at a time or do you switch back and forth between two or more?

That really depends on how many reviews I have due that week! Right now I have three books going – two for review, one just for pleasure. I prefer to have just one, though, because that means whatever I’m reading is good enough that I don’t want to bother with anything else.

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I really wish I could read more than one book at a time, unfortunately that is not the case!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, New linky follower.

2 at a time…at the most. It surprises me..some of the FF answers. 5 or more books at a time. WOW 🙂
I, too, differenciate btw books for review and books I read for the fun of it / pleasure.
Then again, even if I mostly just read 1 or 2….I can listen to music while reading. Doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, feels like sth is missing without it.
Happy Friday
New follower here…
_yay_: FollowFriday

New LinkyFollower! 😀

I don’t really read more or less books of my review-schedule, because I seldomly request review copies, but also think that it’d put me under too much pressure, which usually leads to borderline-mental-breakdowns. : D

Patricia // My FF

Hey, if I had a lot of review copies due soon I would probably be reading more than one too. Old linky follower follower, thanks for stooping by!!

I have too many blog tours, book review books and books I wanna read! I make myself read 1 at a time too 🙁

New follower!

Bri @ Kindling the Fire

I really should read more for pleasure instead of just review. Maybe I’ll make that my goal for the next week!

Thanks for stopping by & following. Following back via Linky!

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