The Lady’s Maid by Dilly Court

The Lady’s Maid by Dilly Court

Title: The Lady’s Maid Book Cover of The Lady's Maid by Dilly Court
Author: Dilly Court
Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult)
Publisher: Arrow
Publication Date: October 15, 2012
Hardcover: 480 pages

Where’d Lindsay Get It: Netgalley

Synopsis (From Goodreads): In the quiet of a warm summer’s evening, two young mothers are forced to give up their babies. Whilst Kate grows up knowing only poverty and servitude, Josie’s world is one of privilege and luxury.

Despite the differences in their circumstances, Kate and Josie have been friends since childhood. But their past binds them together in ways they must never know.

Until a chance meeting forces Kate and Josie to confront the truth of that night nearly twenty years before – a truth that turns both worlds upside down and threatens to destroy their friendship forever…

Lindsay’s Thoughts: So here’s the deal, Downton Abbey is over for the season and I’m having severe withdrawals. LOVE it! So when I was given the suggestion to check out Dilly Court’s books I jumped on the chance.

First off, Josie is a brat! Like she should have spent half the book at the whipping post, not terrorizing all of those around her. I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY Kate forgave her so many times, I guess that’s life. I just never could like her character throughout the whole book until maybe the last five pages and even then she was still acting sort of bratty. Oh well, she was necessary.

Kate was a lovable character who seemed to really care for people and spew happiness and positivity wherever she went. Even if her heart was in utter turmoil she was always eager to make sure everyone was taken care of and comfortable before herself. I found myself occasionally wanting to take her aside and tell her to forget all these ungrateful people around her.

Overall, the book takes you on a journey looking at both sides of the coin in a world where servants basically did everything for the rich and the rich kept them close to their sides. And what happens when that coin gets flipped. While my Downton Abbey withdrawals did not completely subside, this did help tide me over until next season.

Rating: 4 of 5


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