Monday Meanderings #2

Monday Meanderings #2

My first stop today was over at my friend Bree’s place.  She’s the author of 1Girl2ManyBooks and is a dear friend of mine.  I absolutely love reading her reviews, because they never fail to tell me straight up what’s great or what’s horrid about a book.  One of my favorite posts of hers is a review of Emma’s Baby by Abbie Taylor.  I’ve not yet been able to snag a copy of this book, but I so will.  As soon as I find it.  Darn it all.  At any rate, you need to pop over to 1Girl2ManyBooks and take a peek at what Bree’s reading, because I guarantee you’ll find a couple of books to add to your wish list.

Another blog I’ve started following pretty closely is Cari’s Book Blog.  Not only is Cari a dear to talk to (I’ve chatted with her a little via Twitter messages…oh, how I am loving Twitter!), but her reviews are definitely worth reading.  She’s got me wanting Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, so I’ve requested it from the Library.  Her blog is quite easy to read – always a good thing when you’re actually interested in what’s written – and she’s been helpful in my search for some autographed copies of Maggie Stiefvater’s books.  One of my favorite things about her blog is that she’s not afraid to post an -honest- review of a book.  If she doesn’t like it, she’ll say it, and she’ll tell you why.  That, my friends, is awesome.

So there you go.  My meanderings through the blogosphere are complete for the day.  I hope you patter on over to both Bree’s place and Cari’s place and follow them.  Have a happy Monday!


OMG you are made of Awesome! You know if you ever need tips or help I’m always here. Thank you so much and I look forward to spending lots of time on your blog!

Hi there! I found your blog through Cari of Cariblogs…and I have to say I am glad she told me about you! I have followed and will be adding your button to my blog. 😉

Can’t wait to read more of your reviews!

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