New Female Protagonist Rating System

New Female Protagonist Rating System

/begin rant

From now on, if there’s a female protagonist in the book I’m reviewing, my review will state whether they are “Bellaesque” or “Non-Bellaesque”  Why? Because I’ve read far too many books lately that make me want to grab the protagonist by the shoulders, shake her, tell her to get some bloody self respect, and send her to the school guidance counselor to talk about depression and loving one’s self.


I don’t know if it’s a passing fad or what, but ever since the Twilight craze began, it seems like all the female protagonists are following in Bella’s footsteps.  Do they all have to simper? Do they all have to fawn helplessly over exceedingly handsome boys who don’t give them time of day until the girl has plastered her young body all over them?  Really?

Call me harsh if you like, but I’m noticing the trend now that I’ve upped my reading and…gracious, what the heck!

All this whining is making me feel like my brain is bleeding.  Put your big girl panties on, protags!

/end rant


LOL. I know what you mean. I don’t get some of the female protagonists. I really love Rose in the Vampire Academy series. She knows how to kick butt and do her own thing even though she is head over heels for Dmitri.

Yes yes this!

Oh my goodness, I really think this is the biggest problem in YA fiction. (And, sometimes, in romance and chick-lit as well.)

I don’t think it started with Bella, but I definitely think she’s the worst of them all and started a trend for more of them.

I just get really, really frustrated with characters like that — all emo with no self-esteem, and dependent on guys or blah blah blah. Give me a smart, independent girl in my YA novels!

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