I’m not gone, I promise.

I’m not gone, I promise.

As a good many of you know, I’ve been having some serious medical issues with a high risk pregnancy.  These issues have caused me to be absent a good portion of the time, sometimes for quite a few weeks on end.

I’m -still- having issues.

That said, I haven’t disappeared again, I promise!  I’m still tweeting as often as I can, I’m still reading review books (even if I’m not always able to post the reviews in a timely manner), and I’m still trying to keep up with emails.   All major changes to the blog have been put on hold, I’m not participating in any contests, and I’m not actively seeking out review copies of anything (except for Maggie Stiefvater’s Forever…hinthinthint) – but I -am- still here.

I plan on doing another giveaway soon, though I haven’t decided which book it’ll be.  Probably something I’m reading right now…as I am churning through several good ones!



Aww! First of all, congrats on your baby. My little boy was due Monday, but still isn’t here!

Take your time and relax. You and the baby are top priority. We may love seeing you here blogging, but you deserve the time off to relax. Don’t worry about blogging. We’ll all still be here for you. 🙂

Hope everything goes well!

Congratulation on your baby!

Please take it easy and rest. It is very important with a high risk pregnancy to do exactly as the doctors say.

I know when I was on bedrest with my quadruplets, not being stressed and relaxing were so crucial to a good outcome with my pregnancy.

Good luck to you.

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