Ramble & The Twelve

Ramble & The Twelve

So I was just pursuing the interwebz… Ok, well, really I was scouring book blogger sites to find some suggestions/recommendations for what to read.  Of course, I suppose I could just go pick up an unread book from my shelves upstairs or grab my Nook (which is NOT CHARGING, what the heck?), but what fun is THAT?

Annnyway.  So I was doing this digital wandering and I landed over at Trish’s site, Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?.  First, I have to say – Trish, I feel you on the “mind numbing” part of playing with baby toys.  It only takes a few minutes of stacking blocks for Geekling to knock over before my brain feels like it’s oozing out of my ears.  And really, how many times can we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider together before it gets old?!

Oh, right…that wasn’t really the point of this post. Back on track:

Trish posted about Justin Cronin’s The Twelve, which is the sequel (2nd in a planned trilogy) to The Passage.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned about a dozen times that I LOVED loved loved The Passage and cannot wait for the next book.  Well, apparently the date it’s to be published has been announced!  September 2012…hear me giggling with happiness over here? Woot!

This is me dancing and being excited and stuff.  I’ll be pre-ordering.  Or beg, borrow, stealing. (Except not the stealing part, ’cause that’s not so cool.)

I’m also excited because today is Thursday and there’s a new Grey’s Anatomy on, AND the Sofa Cushion FixIt Guy is going to arrive to fix my sofa cushions. The Passage…MerDer…restored sofa cushions…    Ahh, beautiful day!

(And maybe I’ll read a book…)


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