Blogspiration #3

Blogspiration #3

So the 2nd one of these I posted happened on a Wednesday, and I wanted to get the next one up on Sunday…but hey, life is CRAAAZY when you have an 8 month old and a husband who actually likes to spend time with his family.  Note that this isn’t a complaint, I’m just explaining my perpetual lateness.


Blogspiration is a new meme hosted jointly by GrowingUp YA and saz101.  It is meant to, according to these lovely bloggers, “help spark inspiration among bloggers, readers and writers alike.”  I don’t know about you, but I am often in need of inspiration and motivation, and I think this hop just may do that.

The rules from our hosts are:

  • Blogspiration posts will go live on Sunday. While you don’t have to post on Sunday, you have one week to drop by and share your links.
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  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN with it!!



Here we go:

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Oh my how this is true for me!  I’d take a picture of my TBR pile, but it’s embarrassingly huge.  And really, I thought I had a problem BEFORE Geekling was born, but now it’s 10 times as bad.  I want so desperately to read everything I have and all the new books coming out but I just really do not have the time.  Not if I want to do things like shower, eat, and spend quality time with my family, anyway.  I suppose I could give up one of those things – but being stinky would not be ok, so never mind that!

My inspiration from this picture, though, is not that I should feel overwhelmed by the number of books I -have- to read, but that I am fortunate enough to be ABLE to read.  “So many books, so little time…” is such a first world problem.  I can shower, eat, spend time with my family, and still find time to read – not as much as I’d like, perhaps, but time nonetheless – and I can do these things while watching my child thrive on clean water, with food in his belly, clothes on his back, and a roof over his head.  I can be assured that he’ll learn how to read because he has the opportunity.  I can know that one day, one of his issues will be that he has so many books and so little time…not that his children have no clean water and have never had the chance to even see a book.

Perspective, you know?  Today, I am grateful.



Hehe! This is SOOOOO true!
Oh goodness, I DID take photos of my TBR’s (multiple little deposits of books arund the house) over the weekend, and it was kind of embarrassing 😀

pile 1,
pile 2,
pile 3

I so know what you. Sometimes I’d like nothing more than to curl up on the couch for a month and just read through my TBR… but I love my family, and I want to spend time with them! And, uh, I guess showering is kind of necessary.

Wow, though… Ree, that’s a seriously amazing message. We’re *SO* lucky to have such a superficial ‘problem’, huh?

lol Sarah, I love the pics of your piles! I have stacks like that ALL over my house, literally – there’s a stack in my front window, on my chifforobe, by the bed, under the coffee table, on top of the dining room table…. you get the picture. It’s a bad bad (good) thing!

And yep, we’re lucky as all heck to have such problems. (That’s not to say I mean that those of us in the first world have no problems at all…just that I think perspective is needed at times.)

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