Christopher Pike’s Thirst No. 5

Christopher Pike’s Thirst No. 5

…and Sita’s story continues.

OH my.gosh. This is me squealing like a squealy little girl. Really, yes, I am that excited. I have loved this series since it first began and it thrills me beyond rationality that it has been picked back up and continues in as thrilling a way as it was initially.

I was just poking around on Facebook and took a peek at the Christopher Pike fan page to see if there was any news. Imagine my utter and complete delight when I saw that yes, there’s a post from Pike himself giving approximate dates for releases…

I will be picking up Witch World as soon as it hits shelves and of course Thirst V will be pre-ordered.  I AM SO EXCITED! See the caps? Hear the squealing (pretend, people! HEAR IT!)?  Squealy caps lock fangirl excitement – that is me right now.




Sorry, but i think thats fake, I mean, Kevin Mcfadden, that’s pretty obvious that its fake, Im sorry, i really wish there was a 5th one, but Please tell me why YOU think this is true even tho Kevin isn’t even his name.

Kevin Mcfadden is Christopher Pike’s real name. Thirst 5 is coming out in Spring and Witch World is coming out in the fall. As far as I can tell it’s real! has release dates. I’m looking for plot spoilers for thirst 5 right now. Did anyone else hear the rumor that they’re making these into movies?

I’ve heard the movie rumors, but I think (I’ll have to look up what he’s said) that there’s another series in the works before Thirst is poked at. I’m excited about Witch World, too! 🙂

OMG!!!!!!!! ANOTHER THIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG! SUPER HYPED! SITA IS BAD ASS! I LOVE HER! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve read the series twice completely and the ending left me wanting for more, I’m definitely looking forward to this!

Hi, Gilberto! I’m planning on re-reading the series (again!) before Thirst 5 hits shelves. These stories are just so fab, you can read them over and over again and not be bored. I love that there’s little details that show up each time you read through that you may not have noticed before. It’s such fun! 🙂

This is fantastic news. I have followed this female through her trials and challenges since she first kicked Mr. Riley’s chest open, defeated Eddie Fender, blew up a military compound, Being Human and gave birth to an avatar, Going back in her mind’s time to prevent an unbalanced harvest, and saving the world yet again from forces that wanted to destroy the human race all in one fell swoop. It will be good to have her back and read inside her mind’s eye again.

I know!!! Aaahhh I’m so excited!!! I love this series this and HON are my faves!!!

Jessica, it’s definitely exciting! 🙂 I’m hoping there’s plenty more after #5, but…we’ll see!

Barnes and Noble says that 5 is the last one in the series, but they said that after the first six books of the Last Vampire and then again after Thirst 4 so one can only hope!

Oh, my life is now near completion. I fell in total love with this book from
the beginning. Ill admit i wasnt very thrilled with Thirst 2, mostly because it only seemed to be about guts and gore, but boy was i wrong! I love how these tales go deep into a psycological kind of under standing and brings to the surface true fear, longing, love, and despaire for each of the characters. I felt as if i were ther with Sita through out the 3rd and 4th book. I took much pride in figuring out that (*SPOILER ALERT*) Shanti wasnt who she said she was. Haha i cant wait for Thirst 5! And if they do make a movie i hope they keep it as close to the book as possible. The worest thing about us people who love to read is we often have to wait a year or even more for a book to come out

OMG, I amo sooooooo excited about thirst #5. I am actually going to start reading 1-4 again. So I can just start reading #5 right after. I have to get them back from my niece. I turned her on to thirst 1 and now she is hooked. She is just now finishing 4. Thank you Christopher, or should I say Kevin… YOU FREAKIN ROCK!!!!!!! 🙂

Omg!!! I am totally shaking from excitement!!! Sita is so freaking amazing I love everything about the book. Plus can’t wait to check out Witch world seem legit. Seriously I hate the wait but what can we do but wait.. I don’t know about yall but I’m going to read the Thirst series again!!?

I LOVED the Thirst series, and will definitely HAVE to read this one. Christopher Pike is just SUCH a great author.
But this is supposed to be the last book in the series… 🙁

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