Top Ten Tuesday #1

Top Ten Tuesday #1


Whoooooa! Hey, lovelies! It’s been ages, I know. Ages upon ages and days upon days, months upon months… years upon years. Goodness. Lots of things happened; I’ll do a blog post to update, but for now, to get me started… I’m going to do one of the Memes that I looooved to do “back in the day”. Woot! Look for a review, soon. Maybe tomorrow?

Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s topic is:

Top Ten Books on my 2014 Spring TBR list

Well, I’ve been out of the game for a while, and I haven’t been reading a whole lot, so I have some oldies on here, and some new stuff, and just…well, here’s my list.

  1. Tandem by Anna Jarzab
  2. The Whisperer by Donato Carrisi
  3. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
  4. Watermelon b yMarian Keyes
  5. The Ward by Jordana Frantel
  6. Marooned in Realtime by Vernor Vince
  7. The Here and Now by Ann Brashares
  8. Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson
  9. Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
  10. The Shade of the Moon by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Yep. I know, it’s a weird assortment. There’s SO many more on that list, too, but it’s Top TEN Tuesday, not Top One Hundred Tuesday, so there we go.  Thanks for stopping by, guys, and I promise… reviews are BACK.



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