Top Ten Tuesday #13

Top Ten Tuesday #13

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created & hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is:

Top Ten Characters…
I’d like to Switch Places With for 24 Hours 

Bahaha, fun! Let’s see if I can come up with 10…

  1. Sita from The Last Vampire/Thirst series  by Christopher Pike – Because oh my gosh, how freaking awesome is SHE!
  2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter – Oh come on, you knew that was coming! I’d pick a 24 hour period when there was nothing scary happening, though! I’m a wuss. 😉
  3. Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre – Yep. Would love to experience her life for 24 hours. How eye opening would that be?
  4. Bella from Twilight – Because I would tell old Eddie to STOP BEING A STALKER and tell him to take a long walk off a short pier, just like that twittery little fussbudget should have done about 3 pages in. UGH!
  5. Nancy Drew – You know you want to be her for 24 hours…you just can’t admit it!
  6. Elphaba from Wicked – Mmhmm, sure enough. Green and all.
  7. Jacinda from Firelight – I love dragons. I want to fly around for 24 hours and eat sheep and stuff.  Ok, maybe not the eating of sheep, but still.
  8. Amy Harper Bellafonte from The Passage – She is made of awesome.
  9. Alice from Alice in Wonderland – How trippy would that be?
  10. Daenerys Targaryen – Told you, I have a thing for dragons. 🙂
Leave me a comment with a link to your Top Ten list…I’ll pop by and have a look!  🙂


yay for dragons! I had those on my list for sure! Not sure if I would want to be one, per se, but it would be so cool to fly around on one! I really need to read Targaryen. I claim to be a fantasy fan but have’t gotten around to that one yet. Great list!

Here’s a link to mine!

I think it would depend on the type of dragon, which would obviously depend on which book the dragon’s in. Like the ones in Firelight are sentient beings…more humanlike in their thought processes, anyway. In some other books they’re portrayed with more animal-like characteristics.

I’d prefer the humanlike sort. 🙂

Oh, it would be fun to change places with Nancy Drew, wouldn’t it? I also have Herminone Granger on my list.

Nancy is almost as awesomesauce as Hermione… except, you know, without the magics and stuff. 🙂 Her life just seemed so quaint!

Sooo I kind of love that you want to be Bella just to tell off Edward. I highly support that decision. (Also, I may have laughed out loud in real life when I saw you call him Eddie.) And oh man, becoming Alice for a day would be awesome! Definitely trippy, but so much fun too.

My Top Ten

Eddie drives me bonkers. 😉 I’d also like to switch with Jacob and make sure to tell Bella that he’s totally over her AND her fetus and has decided to date someone with a larger amount of brain cells.

Oh, the fun I would have in that world!

Oooh gosh! Quite a few people want to be Bella for reasons more or less like yours – it’s sooo funny!
I’m currently reading Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass for an online course, and I think I’d quite like to be Alice for a little. But only for a little.

Yep, only for a little while. I don’t think I could take it for very long…perhaps not even 24 hours. But I suppose if 24 hours is the rule, I’d have to just wait it out!

I didn’t even think of Alice from Alice in Wonderland! I really need to start reading the Thirst series by Christopher Pike. It sounds really good.

Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Switching with Alice would be a total trip! 🙂 Re: Thirst – you should totally read it! It’s more awesome than should be allowed in one Vampire series. 😉

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