Christopher Pike Update: Spooksville, Witch World, Thirst V

Just a little update brought to you via the Christopher Pike Facebook Fan Page of AWESOMENESS.

Christopher Pike’s Thirst No. 5

…and Sita’s story continues. OH my.gosh. This is me squealing like a squealy little girl. Really, yes, I am that excited. I have loved this series since it first began and it thrills me beyond rationality that it has been picked back up and continues in as thrilling a way as it was initially. I […]

Oh, Christopher Pike, how I love thee…

One of my favorite authors as a young one was Christopher Pike.  Every birthday, each Christmas, I’d beg for his books.  My grandmother, indulgent lady that she was, would deliver each and every time.  Some of my favorites were The Tachyon Web, Remember Me, The Immortal, & The Starlight Crystal. My absolute, 100%, favorite of […]

We went to Barnes & Noble this weekend…

I love that my husband enjoys reading just as much as I do.  I really enjoy the fact that he understands when I lose myself in a novel. I also adore the time we spend reading together. And I -really- love that he doesn’t fuss when I go to Barnes & Noble and spend $50 […]

On My Wishlist

On My Wishlist is hosted by Book Chick City.  The meme runs every Saturday and is meant to be a list of books you want but haven’t bought yet.  They can be new books, old books, pre-release books, books in your imagination…  Ok, I’m not certain on that in your imagination part, but carry on […]

Obsessively obsessing…or books I want, now!